Playing in the snow is fun, but to ensure you’re safe, you need to equip yourself with the right gear and tools. From gloves, and headgear, to snowboards, they all make worthy investments.

Here are some durable snowboards you should consider in your next purchase:

1. Blizzard Men's Brahma 82 SP Skis

* This sports bra is perfect for when you need a little more support. It has removable padding, adjustable straps, an attractive front scrunch, and a bit of support for minimal exercises. If you're working out or going down the street in the morning, you'll always look nice and build confidence in this clothing.

2. Rossignol Women's Experience

If you’re an advanced or intermediate snow rider, you would want to invest in these Rossignol Women’s Ski boards. They’re lightweight to give you the confidence you need to get on trial and crave all the skiing in the resort.

3. Blizzard Men's Brahma 88

If you don’t like the color in the lines, you will love the Blizzard Men’s Brahma Ski board. They will give you a sense of freedom wherever you want to go in the mountain. Seize through the snowpack even during the most frigid temperatures for a lifetime adventure.

4. K2 Men's Mindbender 90C Skis '22

For ultimate versatility and freedom to explore the mountains as an intermediate rider, get this Ski board. They are super light and will forgive you more times than you can count. So perfect for when you want to horn your skills.

5. Atomic Women's Vantage

As a female skier, you would want bindings that boost your confidence as you run through the mountains. The Atomic Ski board is your best bet. They are less aggressive even when you spend a lot of time on the slopes. Such lightweights.

6. Salomon Women's Stance 80 Skis

If you’re an intermediate rider searching for skis to boost your progressive sidecut, you will love the Solomon Women’s Skis. They will help you build stability to give you the confidence you need to enjoy your slope rides.

7. K2 Women's Mindbender 85

These K2 Skis are perfect for intermediate female skiers in search of tools to boost their adventurous terrain ambitions. They’re forgiving, lightweight and so intuitive to help you improve your skills in new areas of the mountain. Plus, they’re so versatile in all conditions.

8. Blizzard Boy's Rustler Team Freeride Skis

This energetic versatile ski is built to get you smoothly get to the bottom of the mountain, right from the top. They run through any terrain and are shaped by the smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile. Perfect for junior freeride athletes.