1. Canon Eos R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

Considered to be the best-selling digital film camera on the list, because of its unique design and high specs that are perfect for beginner and professional photographers, and its user interface is amicable and can be easily understood by the user. The mirrorless design makes the captured photos more alive and natural.

2. Sony A7s Iii Mirrorless Camera

much smaller mirrorless camera that is equipped with robust sensors capable enough in capturing steadily and sharper images without too much editing. Making it look more natural and elegant in the process. Aside from the high processing of images, it can also capture 4k videos and it is equipped with video stabilization making the videos look more stable when being captured.

3. Sony Fx3 Full-frame Cinema Camera

This camera is more catered to videographers because of its specifications catered in video capturing, it can record 4k visuals at 120 FPS in a stable manner which makes it one of the most powerful cameras in terms of video capture.

4. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro (Canon Ef)

This pocket camera is perfect for those users who want to capture memories in a more beautiful and natural way. It has powerful sensors capable enough in capturing those moving shots with ease.

5. Fujifilm X-h2s Mirrorless Camera

This can be considered the mid-range camera on the list because it can be both used by beginners and professionals since its camera specs are top of the line but can be easily navigated without the hassle. Plus the buttons are easy to reach which makes it easier to navigate for users who have smaller hands.

6. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

This camera is perfect for those who want to document their travels and memories without the hassle of bringing large cameras, this one is perfect not only it is small enough to fit in the pocket, but it has powerful sensors that are able to capture those precious memories.

7. Dji Ronin 4d 4-axis Cinema Camera 6k Combo Kit

This kind of camera is made for professional videographers who want to turn their passion into a successful business, it has high-end specifications powerful enough to capture any video or motion despite its heavy price tag its worth every penny because this will surely give you clients in the future.

8. Red Digital Cinema Komodo 6k Camera Starter Pack

Is a camera perfect for beginners who are just starting out in photography and videography. Its friendly user interface can be easily understood by those users who are inexperienced when it comes to photography and videography.