Wireless speakers offer you a great and flexible of experiencing incredible beats in your home or on the go. A perfect wireless speaker is all you need to enhance your sound system and fill every room in your home with music. Discover the best 10 Sonos wireless speakers you can install in your home for a marvelous sound experience.

1.One SL

One SL is a powerful speaker that will allow you to enjoy detailed sound from your favorite sources such as audiobooks, stream music, radio, and phone music. It comes with a Sonos app that makes it easy to control. The speaker works perfectly over WIFI.


Five Sonos speakers provide you with a unique listening experience with their spacious stereo sound. The speaker is designed to perfectly match other Sonos speakers around your house for multi-room listening. Five also support the connection to a turntable through its 3.5 mm input.

3.Adventure Set

This set of Sonos speakers will enable you to enjoy size-defying sound in all the rooms of your home. All you need is to group the speakers to play in sync. For a broader and more detailed soundstage, place the speakers in the same room and stereo-pair them using the Sonos app. The speakers support Bluetooth connections.

4.Roam Charging Set

This speaker will allow you to experience size-defying sound while streaming your favorite audio and video content via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Roam's chargeable and portable designs ensure it is ideal for listening to content on the go.

5.Turntable set

This wireless speaker will provide you with greater sound than you ever thought before. It will enable you to stream music easily by connecting your Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable to the speaker. It is easy to set up and support content from your favorite sources.

6.HiFi Set

This set of speakers will enable you to improve your listening experience with excellent stereo sound in multiple rooms. I set will allow you to stream content from various sources and connect to a turntable using an auxiliary cable.

7.Indoor/ outdoor set

Enjoy outstanding sound indoors or outdoors with this portable speaker set. The speakers are easily grouped and controlled over Wi-Fi for an incredible multi-room listening experience. The speakers' weather-resistant design will allow you to install them on your patio.

8.Portable Set

The portable set will give you an incredible sound experience. The speakers support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The speakers' soundstage is perfect for your patio dinner parties and barbecues. You can also use the portable set on rides and hikes.

9.Roam SL

Roam SL is a portable, lightweight, and ready-to-go speaker that will enable you to experience incredible sound from your favorite sources. The speaker comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery to allow you to enjoy hours of music.

10.2 Room Set with Arch

The set is perfect for all listening around your house and outdoors. The portable speaker and soundbar will give a 3D music listening experience. The speaker supports both Bluetooth and WiFI for great streaming at home and on the go.