8 Tasty Valentine’S Day Gift Fruit & Food Ideas

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1. Deluxe Signature Gift Basket For Fruit Lovers

Want to have your fill of sweets and stay healthy? This gift basket is suited for fruit lovers who want sugar in the healthiest way possible.

2. Chocolate Truffles In Heart-shaped Box

Let the gift packing speak for you. With this love heart-shaped box show your special someone how much you care. And the chocolate truffles inside are proof of how sweet you are.

3. Dessert Lovers Board Gift

This package has everything dessert love to have. Choose from a variety of chocolates, fruits, cheese, and fruits. Go ahead and satisfy your cravings.

4. Pretzel Lovers Delight

Pretzel lovers unite. Can't choose between chocolate and yogurt flavor? Then don't and enjoy both with this product offering. The heart-shaped box with the xoxo message makes this valentines day gift romantic.

5. Cute Heart-shaped Charcuterie And Cheese Tray

Valentine's day does not need to be always about sweet food. This Charcuterie and Cheese tray is proof of that. Enjoy this gourmet treat on Heart's day with your lover.

6. Pastry Lover Bakery Tray

A fan of sweet confections? Enjoy a variety of parties that will satisfy your sweet tooth with this gift set. It has a generous service you can share with family and friends.

7. Chocolate Coated Strawberries

It is a combination of fruit and chocolate. Who can go wrong with chocolate-coated strawberries? Every bite is heavenly.

8. Waffles Delight Gift Box

Enjoy these delicious waffles with jams, syrups, and tea. Make your valentine's mornings sweet with this package. Or enjoy it in the afternoon as a snack