Christmas Decoration Ideas You Should Add to Your Holiday List

For many people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. The days are colder and shorter, but the holiday spirit abounds as people enjoy time with their family and loved ones. With all of the excitement in the air, it’s easy to forget that it’s still winter outside and that decorations are necessary if you want your home to be festive! Here are some decoration ideas that will have you feeling merry and bright in no time!


1. Little Robin Round Tin Bauble

This simple, yet effective, holiday decoration idea will brighten up your little one’s room. These glass baubles are perfect for a nursery or playroom and look pretty awesome with the tin trunk they came in.

2. Red Hohoho Round Tin Bauble

Honestly, these little tin baubles might actually be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. They’re a great DIY project for kids and are also pretty easy to make – anyone can put one together in no time.

3. Christmas Puddings Round Tin Bauble

Whether they’re filled with candy, nuts or other treats, these tin baubles are a must for the holiday season. The round shape makes them perfect for hanging from the ceiling or on a tree and they also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

4. Christmas Celebration Round Tin Bauble

Made of red and green glass, these tin baubles are perfect for the holidays but are also great for special occasions. They’re a bit smaller than the red and green hohohos above and also come in different designs.

5. Baby Penguin Felt Christmas Decoration

A classic Christmas decoration, these cute little penguins are a fun and festive way to decorate for the holidays. They’re easy to hang up and look great as a group or separate.

6. Black Labrador Felt Christmas Decoration

A great, simple decoration idea that’s not just for the holidays, these black Labrador felt balls are the perfect gift idea for any dog lover. They’re extra adorable paired with a red ribbon and look great in any home.

7. Seal Felt Christmas Decoration

These white felt balls have a really fun and whimsical look to them and make great gifts for the holidays or for the beach. They’re simple to hang and tie onto any tree, ceiling or window, too.

8. Schnauzer Felt Christmas Decoration

These cute little schnauzer felt balls are an awesome dog-themed decoration idea for the holiday season. They’re really easy to hang and look great when grouped with other decorations, especially in a window.

These Christmas decoration ideas are great for anyone who wants to make their home festive for the holidays. Easy to make, simple and cheap, they’re also great projects for kids to have fun with during the holidays and all year round