Everyone has photos of friends and family on their phones, but how frequently do you get together and frame those photos? There’s no better way to commemorate friendships than with a simple all-in-one photo frame that allows your group to share and cherish all of your year’s experiences.

The Following Are Some Stylish Frame Ideas:

1. Carver

* This new WiFi-connected photo frame combines a minimalist look with a sophisticated display, making it the ideal place to exhibit your favorite people and photographs. * This landscape frame has a sleek and sophisticated minimalist style, with clean lines surrounding a 10.1" color-calibrated display.

2. Carver Luxe

* Its attractive design, paired with our user-friendly software, will allow you to build a gorgeous, contemporary picture gallery for the entire family. * Photo Pairing combines two similar portrait images side by side, so you don't have to pick favorites - the frame does!

3. Mason

* With an endless picture and video storage capacity, you can keep your cherished memories secure at every viewing angle by sliding your photographs and films into Mason's slot. * It matches up well with the Aura app, allowing you to submit content on iOS and Android devices from virtually any location.

4. Mason Luxe

* The 2K 9.7" display displays each image with remarkable clarity, and our built-in speaker allows you to hear sound from any video. * You may choose how quickly or slowly the slideshow goes, and you can search for new photographs whenever you want, so you can always surprise yourself with a new look.

5. Buddy

* Buddy is a WiFi photo frame developed for pet owners. Buddy can hold your favorite photographs, films, or unique images fast and simply while playing them back with best-in-class visual quality. * The 10.1" Full HD screen is ideal for exhibiting photos of your favorite pets and memories spanning their whole life cycle.

6. Smith

* The flagship photo frame is a masterpiece of industrial design and technology, made of stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror-like shine. * Its picture rotator technology allows you to view photographs and movies in some ways while only using one frame.