7 Best and Trendy Polaroid Cameras To Capture Best Moments

1. Polaroid Now + Starter Set

This creative camera has five lens filters plus additional creative devices or tools to unlock inside its mobile app. Having three packs of film inside, this Polaroid starter set is all you need to create the best photo-capturing moments.

2. Polaroid Go Creative Set

This creative set will give color to your next exploration. This camera is wearable, portable, and handy because this is the smallest of the Polaroid cameras and is your adventurous creative partner. Filters and films can only be compatible by using its Go camera.

3. Polaroid Go Instant Camera

You can create big or minor, with their recent Go camera. Convene your wearable, portable, a partner in creativity by using this one small camera that can create bunches of huge ideas, and all of the features you will love from their classic models. This camera is only friendly or compatible with the use of Polaroid go film.

4. Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera

You can keep and capture your everyday moments permanently by using Polaroid Now camera. This new instant camera has autofocus features to enable you to catch life as you live in their iconic instant film format. These come in 7 colors plus white and black and white that will suit whatever color you desire.

5.Polaroid Now Golden Gift Set

You can treasure your golden and bright memories with the use of this Polaroid Now Golden gift set camera. You can get this instant analog camera with autofocus having various colors and 16 frames of outstanding edition golden moments film completed in smooth metallic gold.

6. Polaroid Now + Travel Set

Get this most creative camera having 5 lens filters and additional creative tools to unlock inside their mobile app. This comes with a padded bag and a pack of color instant film.

7. Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera (Mint)

This camera has 7 various colors plus white and black that will suit to capture memorable moments.