Eight Invitations Sure To Kindle Anticipation

Your guests will be looking forward to your upcoming events almost as much as you do; when you use some of the modern and creative event invitations found on Greenvelope.

If you’re looking for unique email invitations to create a buzz from the time they are opened, look no further than this website. Greenvelope has gained a reputation for its amazing artwork. Each illustration is either created or directly selected by their team of artists. The texts have been crafted by calligraphers and designers whose imaginations have collaborated on a top-notch collection of one-of-a-kind offerings. You can be sure of having a stunning selection from their wide array of invitations and event notices, no matter if you’re planning a wedding, a christening, or a special party.

Greenvelope allows you to email them directly to all your potential guests.

Here are eight of their most special offerings:

1. Whimsical Botanical

This elegant off-white card uses a simple but classic sketch of sprigs full of slender buds This is contrasted with a bold and elegant font to convey an aura of simply understated elegance.

2. Flowering Fall

If your event will be in autumn, why not convey that theme with rustic fall flowers and splashy calligraphy? They also offer thank you notes with a similar theme.

3. Elegant Overlay

If you want your engagement photo front and center in the invitation, your love and joy will be the prominent image in these invitations.

4. Love And Light

Subtle is the name of the game with their pewter backgrounds. A faint splash of a rainbow spans the surface of the card and it features a lovely modern font.

5. Shimmering Confetti

The celebration begins early with these subdued greetings whose borders are festooned with a spray of confetti.

6. Hand Drawn Wreath

The artistry of its water-colored theme is crowned with a beautifully curated wreath of lovely spring flowers.

7. Simple Church

This one makes it plain the party has a spiritual theme. The simple drawing of a little church leaves room for all the details about the upcoming event.

8. Arch Designs

A truly unique design, featuring bright colors and playful complementary shapes to pique your guests’ interests in your upcoming event.

Greenvelope has an impressive array of available services. They can customize their designs to feature your chosen colors or themes, import the addresses from your guest list spreadsheet, track RSVPs and send timely reminder emails to the invitees. You can even utilize Greenvelope to take note of the guest’s choice of an entree or to provide a map and directions to those who need these features.

When you’re planning a memorable party, begin your guest experience by sending an equally memorable invitation. The Greenvelope website provides you with endless ideas for your perfect invitation choice.