8 Therapeutic Product That You Need For Your Body

Your body always gets tired after a hard day’s work or after a workout. To freshen up your body back, there are many ways, and one of them is through the use of proper massage guns and recovery boots. Massage guns will give stimulation to any body part and recovery boots stimulate your legs. Today we will list 8 of them.

1) Theragun PRO

Treatment for deep muscle that releases stress, and tension and enhances muscle recovery. * Comes with a 2-year warranty and 60 days risk free trial * Comes in 2 colors options (red and black) * 300-minute total battery life * Customizable speed range and comes with 6 attachment that is easy to clean

2) Theragun Elite

A quiet treatment with sound insulation for deep muscles for everyday use and comes with 5 in 1 benefits * Comes in 3 colors options * Comes with 120-minute total battery life * Comes with a customizable speed range * Comes with an ergonomic multi-grip and 5 closed cell foam attachment

3) Theragun Prime

Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster in seconds. * Comes with 4 easy to clean attachments * Comes with QX65 motor with QuietForce Technology * Reach 60% deeper into the muscle at 40 times per second

4) Theragun Mini

Compact and portable but powerful and can be easily carried anywhere. * Comes in 4 color options * Comes with 150-minute total battery life * Comes with 3-speed settings

5) Recovery Air Prime

Comes with FastFlush technology that enables rapid recovery 3x faster and relieves muscle fatigue * Comes in 3 sizes * Comes with 180-minute battery life * Easy to clean and comes with a hygienic design

6) Recovery Air JetBoots

Comes with a fully wireless design and integrated internal pump for more convenient charging. * Comes with a one-touch integrated control panel * Comes with 240-minute battery life * Comes with 4 pressure settings

7) Recovery AirPro

You can go freestyle with 4 unique inflation cycles or adjust the setting with the preset programs. * Comes with 240-minute battery life * Comes with adjustable time settings * Zone control of pressure in individual chambers

8) RecoveryAir System Gen 1

Pneumatic compression system that stimulates your leg. * Reduces muscle soreness and boosts circulation * Extended 360-minute battery life * Comes with precise pressure control and 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers

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