Best Rower Recommendations For Your Total Body Workouts

Are you interested in purchasing a rower to incorporate into your fitness lifestyle? With the ultimate rower machine, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for a total body workout. Besides, contrary to what you’re thinking, rowers provide beginner-friendly workouts!

After all, rower machines are built for multiple types of workouts. From low-impact routines to high-intensity sprint exercises, a rower is an excellent machine if you’re after versatility. And with the ultimate rower machine, you can experience all the perks this product provides. That said, here are the best rower recommendations for your total body workouts below!

1. Ergatta Rower

The Ergatta Rower is your best if you're looking for the perfect at-home rower machine. It's designed for all body types and can support up to 500 pounds! This rower machine also has a forty-inch inseam, indicating that it can support heights up to 6'8. Moreover, thanks to its sleek design, you can easily store the machine upright when not in use. It's also built with wheels, ensuring you can easily move the rower wherever you need it. And with an included android-powered digital touchscreen, you can monitor your heart rate with ease and personalize your workouts as you please.

To make the most out of your Ergatta Rower, you might as well get an Ergatta membership while you're at it! With an Ergatta membership, you can take your rower machine exercises to the next level with their broad selection of game-based fitness routines. The membership also provides you access to six new weekly workouts, guaranteeing variety in your rower workouts. Aside from those membership perks, getting an Ergatta Rower alongside an Ergatta membership means you can also track your performance in real-time using your personal dashboard. With your personal dashboard, you can check your workout history and see how much you've progressed with insightful visualizations. Overall, it's the ultimate add-on to make your Egatta Rower experience a whole lot better.

Rowers are perfect exercise machines for both seasoned exercise junkies and newbies. Since it provides a total body workout, it’s great for strengthening muscles found in your core, arms, and legs. And to make your total body workouts personalized and enjoyable, you can always purchase your Ergatta Rower alongside a valuable Ergatta membership to transform the way you exercise!