5 Ways Squarespace Can Help Your Online Business

If you have an online business and need quality webpage layouts and designs, then Squarespace is your one stop shop for all your ecommerce needs. Offering everything from ecommerce templates, store management resources and appointment scheduling, Squarespace has everything you need to have a successful online store.

1.Ecommerce Templates

These templates offer rich product displays, inventory management and product catalogs to make your online store stand out and attract customers. Choose from a wide variety of high quality designs and layouts that suit your business.

2. Sell Products

Showcase and sell your amazing products with user-friendly stores from Squarespace. Customers can easily shop and add items to their carts with these sleek and easy to use online shops. Merchandising your products online and with a professional layout will allow your customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

3.Sell Servicesr

Allowing customers to easily book your services is simple with Squarespace. Customers can make payments and become subscribers with these easy to navigate web services. You can even send reminders to clients so they don't miss their scheduled appointments. The sell service simplifies invoice management so you can keep your financials in perfect order.

4. Schedule Appointments

Scheduling and managing your customers' appointments are a breeze with Squarespace. Your customers can check your availability and book appointments effortlessly with your webpage. This service also allows you to have video conference calls with your clients.

5.Store Management

Shipping, customer payments, order fulfillment and taxes are all consolidated in one place with Squarespace's online webstores. You can offer your customers multiple payment options, local pickup, shipping extensions and more with your ecommerce website.