When you want to lose calories and have fun at the same time, the next thing to do would be to bike. You just need to have the right materials in order to do it. Of course, it would mean purchasing a mountain bike that you would feel comfortable with. Here are some pretty nice options:


1. E11even M1 1X11

The ride is pretty smooth for this model. As a matter of fact, you can look forward to not spending too much on this. It would even last long so you will get every penny of your money's worth.

2. Rocky Mountain Instinct A10

The alloy frame is something you would admire for a pretty long time. There is no question it has got all bases pretty much covered. The brakes can be trusted even through the toughest terrains. Hence, you won't think twice about the terrains you are planning to enter.

3. Santa Cruz 5010

The best part about this mountain bike is the wheels as you can be sure it is pretty rough. Its size is just right for long rides as long as you are wearing all the safety materials. Additionally, you won't experience any difficulties when you decide to turn during rough stretches. You would feel great at the fact that this mountain bike is pretty predictable so you don't have to make unnecessary turns.

4. Haro Men's Flightline

Its power can be a great fit no matter what the weather is outside. You can't blame yourself if you would hesitate about biking during a day full of heavy rain and thunderstorm. Thanks to this model, you can kiss those doubts goodbye. You're going to enjoy versatility no matter what terrain you go with. After all, you can't help but explore the areas that are near your place and see where they take you.