Outdoor Photography Courses That Will Make You Want To Pick Up Camera

Do you have an interest in learning more about photography, but don’t know where to start? There are many different photography courses you can take, and even better, there are many of them that focus on specific types of photography, such as landscape photography or portrait photography. Many photographers will tell you the best way to learn the skill is to just go out and do it—practice makes perfect. But if you’re just getting started with your interest in photography, there are plenty of photography classes available for you to learn from experts who’ve already mastered the art.

1. The Art of Wildlife Photography

This five-day course is led by naturalist Tom Mangelsen who is considered one of the world’s foremost wildlife photographers. Mangelsen takes you through the basics of wildlife photography, including composition and lighting, and will help you understand how to get the best shots of animals.

2. Landscape Photography

This three-day course is led by photographer Marc Muench and teaches you the basics of landscape photography. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to use light and composition, as well as how to utilize Photoshop to enhance your photos. Marc has worked on numerous national magazine covers for publications such as National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

3. The Art of Photographing Birds

The course is led by photographer Frans Lanting and teaches you how you can capture the images of birds that are as stunning as they are photogenic.

4. Nature and Landscape Photography

Photographer John Greengo leads this three-day course that teaches you to capture the beauty of nature. The course includes tips and techniques for shooting landscapes and capturing wildlife.

5. The Landscape Photography Workshop

Photographer Taylor Burk leads this five-day course that teaches you how to capture the beauty of nature and landscape. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about light and compositional techniques, as well as how to enhance your photos using Photoshop.

6. The Art of Seeing

Frans Lanting teaches you how to see the world around you and capture it with your camera. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to compose your photos and use light to your advantage.

7. Creating Painterly Photographs

Kathleen Clemons leads this three-day course that teaches you how to create beautiful photos using your camera. Over the course, you’ll learn the art of taking photos and utilizing Photoshop to turn them into painterly landscapes.

8. Masters of Photography

As one of the founding members of the renowned photo collective, Magnum Photos, Joel Meyerowitz teaches you how to become a photographer by taking your images to something more than a snapshot. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to create a portfolio and how to use composition techniques, as well as tips for enhancing your photos using Photoshop.

You should take a photography course if you’re interested in learning more about photography. You’ll learn various techniques and styles of shooting, which will allow you to take some really amazing photos of nature and landscapes, as well as people. And by taking a course, you can ensure you’ll be getting the best advice available from experts in the field.