It is a shame how we will never really know when this pandemic will end. Until then, we would have no choice but to adjust to the new normal which involves social distancing from other people and wearing face masks all the time. After all, we never really know who has the virus as some may not show symptoms like others. Here are some children’s face masks that would make your kids pretty happy:


1. Butterflies Printed Kids masks

It is amazing how this mask has won over many kids in so little time. The design is great and the kids would hardly remember that they are wearing masks. At first, you will have a hard time convincing them to wear the face mask but as time goes on, they will eventually forget about it and move on to other stuff in life.

2. Purple Cosmos Printed Kids Mask

It is no surprise how the company promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee as they used the best materials money can buy for the face masks. Your kids can talk freely without other people having a hard time understanding what they have to say.

3. Geometric Printed Rainbow Kids Mask

Your kids will love every bit of this face mask and they can't wait to wear it for a variety of occasions. When you order on Brave new Look's website, they guarantee your information won't go to a third party. Also, you can get free shipping when your orders would total more than $75.

4. Tribal Turtle Printed Kids mask

No matter what your kids decide to do, they will be able to breathe easy while using this type of mask. They can even talk to anyone they like and have a good long conversation. Additionally, the mask won't put any annoying marks on their faces.