The Best American Wagyu Beef Dishes You Should Try

American Wagyu beef has been praised by the biggest and most influential chefs in the world, so it’s only natural to want to try the best American Wagyu dishes available today. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five American Wagyu meals that you should be eating at your favorite steakhouse or high-end restaurant.

1. American Wagyu Black Grade, Bone-in New York Strip

The Black Grade, which is what the best Japanese Wagyu on the market is called, is one of the most popular cuts on a New York Strip. It’s also one of the most expensive steaks ever available. That’s why it makes our list.

2. American Wagyu Black Grade Denver Steak (Zabuton)

But the most expensive steak on this list is also the smallest. That’s why it’s one of my favorite cuts of beef on the market. The Denver steak is the perfect size for one or two people, and it’s prepared as a “Zabuton” where they sear your piece of steak on a hot griddle that looks like a Japanese Zabuton cushion.

3. American Wagyu Gold Grade New York Strip

The Gold Grade is a cut from the top of the newborn Wagyu babies. The best Wagyu meat is not exposed to the sun for at least 90 days, so as to retain its beautiful deep red color. The Gold Grade cut is only available in a strip steak, which means that it’s usually served as an appetizer with a nice side of vegetables.

4. American Wagyu Black Grade, Filet Mignon

This filet mignon was made from our American Wagyu Black Grade meat. It’s the tenderloin muscle, which is why it has such a great texture. The Black Grade cut is also commonly served as a small steak for Sashimi because, like the Gold Grade, it’s been protected from the sun so that it doesn’t lose its beautiful color.