Happy Birthday Cards and Gifts for the People You Love

One of the best things about having friends, family and loved ones in your life is the opportunity to surprise them with thoughtful birthday wishes, cards and gifts. While it can be stressful to find the perfect gift or card to fit every personality, this list of 8 Happy Birthday Cards and Gifts will make your life easier when it comes time to celebrate! These happy birthday ideas for any type of friend or loved one are sure to help you get a smile out of anyone’s face on their special day.


1. Scorpio Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, which is said to be one of the strongest and most resilient creatures of the animal kingdom. This card aims to remind that Scorpio will have the strength to rise above any obstacle they face in their life. We hope that this gift helps you complete the zodiac cycle.

2. Happy Birthday Endless Surprises Nesting Card

This unique birthday gift from Lovepop will lead your loved one down a chaotic, yet exciting road of birthday surprises. It’s the perfect birthday gift for your friend who loves anything from bubble bath to new toothbrushes. Surprise your loved one with this 16-card set that leads them on an endless journey of surprises.

3. Sunflower Bouquet

This gift is perfect for mothers, sisters and friends who love to keep their homes looking beautiful. The sunflower bouquet includes 13 beautiful sunflowers that are arranged on a stick in a vase. These unique arrangements will be sure to brighten up any room of the recipient’s house.

4. Sprinkles Birthday Cake Pop-Up Card

This is a fun birthday card from Lovepop that will make your recipient laugh and feel special on their big day! The card is decorated with the iconic Sprinkles cupcake and it’s topped with a mini birthday cake that reads, “Happy Birthday Tooooonnnnnnnieeeeee.”

5. Disney's Stitch Rockin' Birthday Pop-Up Card

This adorable card is the perfect gift for a friend who has a rebellious, fun loving side. The front of the card reads, “Rockin’ Birthday,” with a 3D rendition of Disney character Stitch enjoying a birthday cupcake complete with colorful sprinkles.

6. Paperpop Birthday Box Set (Assorted 12-Pack): Paperpop® Card

This is a fun gift for mom or a friend who loves anything from DIY crafts to craft kits. The set includes 12 cards, including a variety of different designs. Each card has colorful retro imagery and an encouraging message written in bold letters.

7. Floral Birthday Cake Pop-Up Card

With this birthday card, your loved one will feel like they just stepped out of a dream. With soft pastel flowers and a delicate birthday cake, this card is the perfect gift for a special lady who loves to be pampered.

8. Vintage Wine Birthday Pop-Up Card

Give your friend a taste of the past with this vintage-inspired birthday card. The card has been printed on vintage wine labels and the front reads, “Cheers to the birthday girl!”

9. Happy Birthday Card with Mini Bouquet

This happy birthday gift from Lovepop is the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care on their special day. The card has been printed on antique wallpaper that’s covered with a mix of roses and pink carnations. The inside reads, “Hello Happy Birthday,” and includes a mini bouquet of flowers.

10. Happy Birthday Cats Pop-Up Card

This card will help your friend remember the most important part of their day—how they feel inside. We hope this birthday card from Lovepop helps your loved one celebrate the 10th year of their life.