Pizza is one of the favorite food worldwide. There are many types of pizza and you can also make one yourself if you have the correct material and ways to do it. Each preparation needs a special preparation style and learning this can be tough. But with the right pizza recipe book you can make the best pizza ever and today we will list 8 of them.


1. Welsh Rarebit Pizza

This recipe will teach how to make pizza with a blend of cheese, Worcestershire sauce and mustard made into a simple roux. * The total time is 30 minutes * Makes one 12" pizza * Equipment needed is a pizza oven, infrared thermometer, cutter wheel and dough scraper

2. Herbed Garlic Butter Pizza Crust

This recipe will turn your plain crust into a rich, aromatic, and delicious one. * The total time is 1 hour 20 minutes * Yield one cup of butter * Ingredient needed garlic, unsalted butter, dried oregano, and sea salt

3. Cocoa Pizza Dough

The base for a good pizza is the dough and in this recipe, we will learn about the coca pizza dough. * Preparation time is 1 hour and rise time is 48 hours * The difficulty level is medium to hard * Equipment needed is scale, cooling rack, mixing bowls, and offset spatula

4. Brooklyn Blackout Pizza

Three-layer food cake that is filled with chocolate pudding and frosting and covered with cake crumbs. * The total time is 35 minutes * Makes two 8 or 10-inch * Medium or hard difficulty level pizza

5. Chris Bianco Inspired Pistachio Pizza

A thin dough base that is cooked at high temperature with a slight alternation. * The total time is 20 minutes * Yield two 12 inch pizzas * Equipment needed is a pizza oven, infrared thermometer, cutter wheel, Microplane, baking sheet, and dough scraper

6. Jalapeno Pepper Stuffed Crust Pizza

This pizza is stuffed with cream cheese and baked right into the pizza crust. * The total time is 1 hour * Filling for two stuffed crust 12" pizza * Equipment needed is a pizza oven, infrared thermometer, cutter wheel, iron series pan, and dough scraper

7. Classic Pizza Sauce

Make the best layering for your pizza with this simple recipe. * Preparation time is 1 minute and cooking time is 20 minutes * To serve a total of 8 people

8. Valentine's Heart-shaped Pizza

Want to make a pizza-shaped heart then this is the recipe for you. * The total time is 1 hour * To make one 12 inches heart-shaped pizza If you are looking for the best pizza recipe book then visit Ooni now. For more info on the recipe and price please click the link below. Hurry as stocks are limited.