Top 12 New American Giant Pieces For Men

Clothes can always make or break your appearance. Regarding clothing choices for men, what clothes you pick to wear can make a difference in how slick, cool, and fashionable you look. Are you looking to add some great clothing picks to your wardrobe? This article will share American Giant’s men’s new arrivals that would surely add some cool to your wardrobe.


1. Roughneck Chore Jacket (Vintage Indigo

This rugged canvas is a true classic for men's fashion, and this rugged canvas is one of the best-selling roughneck pant pieces. This versatile chore jacket features pockets that are great for storage, durable canvas cotton, and a great style that can surely bring in an atmosphere of cool.

2. Lightweight Full Zip (Atlantic Blue Heather)

This lightweight full-zip jacket is a very light, soft, and comfortable piece of clothing; this lightweight full-zip jacket is an authentic classical piece that is now back and better than ever. This piece is accompanied by a soft snd comfy feeling, and this jacket comes in various colors and sizes that offer a wide range of options for the customer.

3. Classic Full Zip

The classic full-zip Packed with various features designed to make the wearer more comfortable, the classic full-zip jacket is a fantastic and stylish piece that is a must-have for men's fashion. Dubbed as "The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made," the classic full zip features a double-lined hood, reinforced elbow patches, and a custom heavyweight fleece. The classic full zip comes in various colors and limited edition colors that make the piece very adaptable in color matching.

4. Classic Cotton Crew Tee (Bluefin)

The classic cotton crew t Features a brand new look and comfort to a timeless t-shirt; the classic cotton crew t is made with 100% cotton, making it a blast in terms of comfort when worn.

5. Classic Pullover

Built with the same materials as the classic full zip, the classic pullover is designed to make you feel warm and comfortable when worn. Features a double-lined hood, rib side panels, and reinforced elbows which is excellent in protection against wear.

6. Classic Sweatpant

A timeless favorite just got updated, the classic sweatpant is excellent in style, comfort, and movability. The channeled waistband does not sacrifice the convenience of the fit and is a delight to wear.

7. Classic Cotton Crew T Long Sleeve

It features the best-selling fabric from Classic Cotton Ts, and the classic cotton crew t long sleeve is a perfect clothing piece when it comes to cold months. Its 100% cotton makes the long sleeve comfortable and soft to wear.

8. Premium Slub Crew Tee

Made with premium slub fabric, the premium slub crew t provides wearers with a slick and polished look that's great when worn alone or with a jacket. This clothing piece comes in various colors and limited edition colors that offer its wearers a great variety of choices.

9. Heavyweight Pocket Tee

An excellent clothing piece in various classic and limited edition colors, the heavyweight pocket t features a sturdy and substantial shirt that features a pocket on the left chest, which is excellent for storage. Its neck area features an elastic neck material that holds the clothing piece in shape.

10. Heavyweight Pocket T Long Sleeve

This clothing piece is Made with 100% cotton, and the heavyweight pocket t long sleeve is a great piece that features a comfortable feel that doesn't sacrifice style and practicality. Featuring a front pocket, elastic neck, and cuffs, this long sleeve is a great fashion statement that oozes coolness.

11. Everyday Half Zip

A great nod to the American heritage style, the everyday half zip is composed of premium materials that make its wearers feel comfortable and stylish. This clothing piece features a lightweight French terry fabric and a front pouch pocket, and the everyday half zip is a must-have when it comes to the clothing American Giant has to offer.

12. Lightweight Cotton Crew Sweatshirt

Built with lightweight french terry cotton and premium materials, the everyday crew sweatshirt features a design and build that is great for everyday wear for just about anything. This clothing piece has various classic and limited edition colors that can cater to just about anyone's color preference.

Are you looking to add a dash of cool to your wardrobe? Check out American Giant, keep the clothing mentioned above in mind, and find the right style from these new men’s arrivals that would fit you.