New And Hilarious Comedians You Need To Check Out

We live in an incredibly funny time. From the professionals on television and film, to up-and-comers on the Internet, to everyday people with an Instagram account, we’re all drowning in laughs right now. It can be hard to keep up with all the comedians that are out there, so here’s a list of some new and hilarious comedians you should check out if you’re looking to add to your laugh quota.

1. The Devon Maid

These girls from Charlotte, North Carolina are a hilarious female duo who do an excellent job of making fun of everything. Their jokes are strong and they have a great way of telling stories, often with their hijinks in the middle that make it all worth while.

2. Neil Fitzmaurice

If you like your comedy to be more random and absurd, then Neil Fitzmaurice is the comedian for you. His comedy seems so out of place at times, but you’ll soon realize that it’s the funny that really makes it all work.

3. Brett Boles

Brett Boles has a really cool style of comedy that is fun and very personable. You feel like you’re hanging out with one of your best friends right after he’s told you the funniest story in the world.

4. Anneliese King

Anneliese King is one of the funniest new moms out there. Her stories are on point and her delivery is just perfect. She also has some really great ideas that she’s willing to share with you, such as ways to lessen public judgment while breastfeeding in public.

5. Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald has had a long and successful career. He’s been performing for many years and he has such a great way of infusing humor in everything he does. He’s also really funny when it comes to making his kids laugh, which really makes him one of a kind among comedians.

6. BrilliantlyDumb

Thought all Internet videos were dumb? Think again! This comedian from California makes videos that will have you laughing out loud and provide you with plenty of entertainment for a long time to come.