9 Best Getaway Cabins In The Us Helps You Relieve

Sometimes you are faced with a lot of stress that you might need a quick getaway so that you can relieve yourself from what you are feeling and relax a bit. A getaway can take you closer to nature. Here, you may go on a vacation alone, with a loved one, with some friends, or with your little children and your furry friend, even. There are a lot of getaway cabins in the Northeast US in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. There are even some in the West, Southwest, Midwest, and the Southeast. You have a lot of options for locations. Just make sure that you choose a location for the getaway cabin that you like and that you have fun there! Here are some getaways that you might want to try.

1. Getaway Big Bear

This location is just two hours from Los Angeles so it will be a nice quick getaway if you live in this area and just want to have a vacation in nature. In Big Bear Lake, there are a lot of scenic locations. You can get a one-bed or two-bed cabin. A one-bed cabin can fit two adults, or two adults and one kid. For the two-bed cabin, you can have four adults, or two adults and two kids. Here you have a cell phone lockbox, shampoo and conditioner, mini-fridge, salt, pepper, olive oil, queen bed or queen bunks, AC and heat, pot, pan, and dishware, hot shower and private toilet, two-burner stove, and sink with drinking water for the inside. For the outside, you get chairs and a picnic table, a fire pit, and a grill grate. Then you get two dog bowls, a leash line, and a small treat for the pups. You may also purchase additional provisions such as s'mores, coffee and tea, and firewood plus firestarter. There are 40 cabins in this area.

2. Getaway Brazos Valley

There are the same provisions in this outpost in Navasota, Texas. It is an hour away from Houston. This location has the same provisions and cabin styles. Here, you are near historical sites and family farms. There are 46 cabins in this location.

3. Escape from Chicago

This outpost is near the beachside town of South Haven and it can be found in Grand Junction, Michigan. There are still the same inclusions for 41 cabins in the area. Make sure that you keep quiet and enjoy nature in this outpost.

4. Escape from Nashville

With the same inclusions, escape in Getaway Dale Hollow in the forests of Moss, Tenessee, which is near historic and scenic spots. There are 50 cabins in this location that is an hour and 50 minutes away from Nashville.

5. Getaway Shenandoah

You might want to visit this place in Stanardsville, Virginia which is 2 hours away from Washington, DC. It is near Shenandoah National Park and has a total of 45 cabins to which you can get a one-bed cabin or a two-bed cabin.

6. Escape from Boston or NYC

This outpost in Moodus, Connecticut is brand new with 45 cabins. It is a perfect location that is just two hours away from Machimoodus. Experience nature with your family here.

7. Getaway Ozark Highlands

This is a perfect place to explore and to just be alone for some time with 45 cabins. It is located in Osceola, Missouri, and is two hours away from Kansas City.

8. Escape from Seattle

This is Getaway Skagit Valley which is another new outpost that is located in Mount Vernon, Washington. Go for an escape from Seattle in this place. It is an hour and 15 minutes away and has 27 cabins.

9. Getaway Beaver Creek

Book a vacation in this place in Lisbon, Ohio. Here there are secluded walking trails with pine trees. Enjoy nature in a tiny cabin in this outpost that is 45 minutes away from Pittsburg and Cleveland. It has a total of 36 cabins.