6 Machines and Edible Kits for a Healthier Life

If you are looking to make healthy infused food then you will love this. You can infuse multiple types of items in this specified machine like butter, oil, gummy kits, and many more. All this can be done with LEVO machines and today we will list 6 machines and edibles that you can use.


1. The Kitchen Sink Set

Easy to use and you can infuse almost anything in this machine like honey, butter, milk, and oil. * Comes in 5 colors * Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty * 1 infuser bottle is added to enhance any meal * Machine measurement is 7" L X 8" W X 13" H

2. II Essentials Bundle

One of the most popular machines and can be used with any item for a mess-free product. * Comes in 5 colors * Comes with 1 red herb block tray, 1 extra power pod, and 1 herb press * Comes with 2 digital cookbooks in PDF

3. Cherry, Raspberry, And Peach Gummy Mix Kit

You only need to mix water and oil with these gummy mixes to make your very own gummies. * Made with natural color and flavor * Can coat your gummies in corn starch or sugar * 2 to 4 tablespoon water mix with 6 tablespoon water (recipe)

4. Organic Brownie Mix

This brownie mix is designed specifically to work with infused oil and butter. * Certified organic and kosher * Can yield from 9 to 16 brownies * Non-GMO, natural, and without any preservatives

5. Premium Mct Liquid Coconut Oil

This MCT oil is healthy and ideal t be used with baked goods, gummies and drinks. * Has the low medium smoking point of only 320 degrees * Stays liquid at room temperature * Does not have taste or smell

6. Gummy Glitter

This bright gold glitter is food-safe, tasteless, and makes your edibles shine. * Just dip in or brush on top * No flavor, no taste, and safe on food * Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free

If you are looking for machines and edible kits for a healthier life then visit “LEVO”. For full info and price please click the link below. Hurry as stocks are limited.