5 Most Recommended Universal Yums Menu Options

Universal Yums offers a plethora of well-curated snack options that can take you to distant places without leaving your doorstep. Enjoy an artistic and satiating snack time experience with these five (5) recommended menu options that will delight your taste bud.

5 Most Recommended Universal Yums Menu Options


1. Italy Super Yum Box - Single Box

Italian food is without a doubt one of the most creative in the world and the Italy Super Yum Box is your 'amore.' From Tuscany's famous cantucci biscotti to the decadent hazelnut chocolate and the versatile amarettini almond cookies, receiving your Italian snack box will definitely mark the beginning of a beautiful affair to remember.

2. South America Yum Box - Single Box

Aside from the popular coffee candy of Colombia and the delectable plantain chips of Ecuador, the South America Yum Box also comes in a plethora of delightful goodness. With South America's unique culture and heritage, you will be surprised by the mix of flavors that you can get in one box.

3. South Korea Yum Yum Box - Single Box

South Korean food is known for its simple yet strong and pungent flavors that are unique on their own. Experience the taste of the corn puffs in spicy chicken flavor and the juiciest peach chews that you can find. With the South Korean Yum Yum Box, you can take an amazing culinary journey to South Korea while staying in the comfort of your own home.

4. India Yum Yum Box - Single Box

India is one of the top producers of spices in the world and the tikka masala chips can definitely add spice to your life. To cleanse your palate, you can then indulge in the smooth pistachio candies and the rest of the goodies inside the India Yum Yum Box.

5. Spain Yum Yum Box - Single Box

Experience the delightful flavors of the Land of the Setting Sun with the Spain Yum Yum Box that boasts the rich taste of fried egg-flavored chips and sweet chocolate caramel candies.